Elta Select

Elta select is the sister site to eltafans.com. Its main aim is to sell products, so we have made it a lot more visual, easier to navigate, and more informative.
It uses a mix of HTML5 Boilerplate, 960.gs, jQuery, Joomla and various other js plugins. Thanks to these tools its now one of the most useful/interactive sites of this industry.

HTML5 was fully embraced when building this, that means I used the doctype, data- attributes, the canvas tag and new semantic elements such as ‘header’, ‘footer’ and ‘nav’.

The site holds well over 100 products and manages them quite well. A back end has been built in PHP to manage product specifications and details, this was then ported to the form of a Joomla component.

This site features on HTML5 Boilerplate showcase: http://goo.gl/Tzuii