ERP Fans

I think its safe to say ERP Fans is not a convential website

The first feature you may notice is the horizontal scrolling. This is triggered in various places, including the navigation at the top, the arrows on the bottom, and various buttons within the wall itself.

This website was a very big challenge to build.

First off you need the nav to stay with you as you navigate. (position: fixed; doesn’t help here..)
Which takes javascript to keep the nav altering its position as you scroll. The same happens for the whole footer underneath.

To create some realism I added some parallax scroling at the top



Hydor’s website was re-built from the ground up using Joomla! 2.5.0.

This involved me re-creating the template and adding a few extra items.The main slider you see in the middle was a switch from flash to jQuery. It uses the plugin: HTML5 Boilerplate is used for cross browser compatibility.

The big footer headings at the bottom begin to creep into CSS3 teritory by using CSS shaddows. They gentlty fallback to normal headings for Internet Explorer.This website is built on-top of redSHOP (Joomla Plugin) for holding together products in a catelogue format.

Elta Select

Elta select is the sister site to Its main aim is to sell products, so we have made it a lot more visual, easier to navigate, and more informative.
It uses a mix of HTML5 Boilerplate,, jQuery, Joomla and various other js plugins. Thanks to these tools its now one of the most useful/interactive sites of this industry.

HTML5 was fully embraced when building this, that means I used the doctype, data- attributes, the canvas tag and new semantic elements such as ‘header’, ‘footer’ and ‘nav’.

The site holds well over 100 products and manages them quite well. A back end has been built in PHP to manage product specifications and details, this was then ported to the form of a Joomla component.

This site features on HTML5 Boilerplate showcase:




Blu Saphir

The all new Blu Saphir website was launched on the 30th of April this year.
Its about time Blu Saphir website had a change considering its predeccessor was outdated, had little content and was entirely based on flash.

The site’s built on the open source CMS Joomla, which in turn, is built on PHP. This is one of the most dynamic websites I have ever put together. For example:
The radio page feeds directly from Mixcloud’s servers using JSON. So once Jay has finished his radio show and uploaded it to his mixcloud account, the radio page will change completely, including tracklistings. This saves Jay from having to do any work to manually change the radio page.

The releases page uses redSHOP which is a carting system for Joomla, this enables Jay to manage his own releases and sales without having to dive into the code! Changes such as price, description, new releases and images can be altered with a click.


Thats right, I’ve used the HTML5 buzzword. Infact this site is HTML5 and uses some of its features…such as the audio player (yes I know it could look better) uses the Jplayer script which enables audio to be played on all (well most) browsers and even your iPhone or android! This actually falls back to flash for browser which don’t support the <audio> tag yet. Other features soon to be implemented are localstorage and canvas for the ads at the top.