Mixcloud Widget

So here it is..
We finally have an updated version of Mixcloud's widget for Joomla users (1.6+). As you can see I have included it here on this page on the left. Although this widget is quite simple to implement by hand many users can simply install, add their URL and wallah!

But there is also another reason why this module would suite some users. It validates!.. Yes thats right, it passes W3C validation correctly on most used HTML doctypes, thats HTML4.0, XHTML1.0 and HTML5. I often find it annoying installing flash modules/widget and then my webpage not validate so I have cleaned the code up (mixcloud tut tut) to make sure this validates and works on all browsers down to IE 6.

You can set the Height, Width, the link from which cloudset it uses and finally the style colour for the font, button and loading bar colour.

Because I am using HTML5 Boilerplate I cannot show XHTML / HTML 4.0 results. 

HTML5 Results of this page...

Edit: Works fine on Joomla 3.0 too!

html5 valid{phocadownload view=file|id=1| text=File|target=s}